a bird may love a fish, but where will they live?

I think maybe I should take a hiatus…

I’m kind of pop culture-d out. But mostly I think it will give me time to actua

lly write something. At least that’s what I hope. I’ll probably still pop in some but I’m gonna try to reduce my time here greatly for awhile. Focus and all that…

You can still PM me or e-mail me or whatever if you really miss me THAT much (pssh! Yeah right lol).

I love you guys! I’ll miss you! Hopefully when I get back I’ll have cool stuff written!


  1. bitewatlock said: i understand and i will miss you
  2. jlalafics said: I was trying to message you but my computer is being funky! Also, I noticed that I wasn’t following you (stupid Missing E) but I wanted to tell you good luck with writing and if you need anything, message me! HUGS, my gorgeousness!
  3. ichooseupeetachu said: YOUR ABSENCE WILL BE FELT IMMEDIATELY!
  4. isrustystillinthenavy said: no! the horror
  5. anywaysrainydays said: Happy writing, dear! I will look forward to reading it. xo
  6. londonrainings said: You will be missed, lady!
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