a bird may love a fish, but where will they live?

You know what this means now don’t you?

I’m quite sure Katniss and Peeta were meant to be last, but someway somehow Katniss got leaked.

They are gonna back track like a MF’er and give us the rest of the minors and Peeta is gonna be last.


  1. ichooseupeetachu said: Yep. That’s exactly what’s gonna happen.
  2. girls-are-weird said: yep, pretty much. *nods*
  3. panembakery said: I’m pretty sure this is what they’re gonna do.
  4. supersudzissecretlyamellark said: DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!
  5. mellarksloaves said: Then someone needs to fucking leak Peeta now, too.
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